The Blind Barber Owners Used to Dress Like THAT?!?!

November 18, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

For about a year and a half now, the Blind Barber has been providing the city's dapper set with some mighty fine haircuts, and the city's drinking set with some mighty fine partying (strangely, the venn diagram of these two sets is almost a single circle). When I found out that I had gone to high school and shared similar sartorial transgressions during those formative years with one of the owners, it was only natural that I asked Adam and his partners Jeff and Josh to be featured in You Used to Dress Like THAT?!?! These three have done many of us a huge favor in opening an establishment that has markedly improved our looks. So it's only fair that we expose their gnarly fashions of yesteryear and make fun of them, even if it means getting nicked a few times during my next shave...

Adam Kirsch

This four year old was all about the summer accessories. A WHITE BOWTIE AND WHITE SUSPENDERS??? Your move, Fine and Dandy Shop. In this get-up Adam could've easily shmoozed at a garden party or played croquet while munching on cucumber sandwiches. Lucky for him, Adam's mom was a buyer for Saks, so he had a jumpstart on the other 4 year olds out there. When I was 4 getting me to wear pants was considered a victory. Meanwhile, this kid was strapping up blindingly white chinos crispier than Cap'n Crunch.

While not as formal as his past self, Adam still keeps it steezy in Moscots, an APC shirt, J Brand denim, and an ill Ralph Lauren cardigan he picked up from the good peoples at Vintage Culture NY. The most remarkable improvement is definitely, and for obvious reasons, the hair. While Adam believes that "It's nice to take pride in your appearance and try to make yourself look good in the real world" his wardrobe is unfortunately now bowtie-less. I'm still hoping to one day stroll into Blind Barber and see some white suspenders.

Jeff Laub

To quote Jeff, "How sick is that cardigan?" Agreed. Also that shirt. Geometry and fashion made math fun! That mid-90's side part is also pretty telling of things to come. Maybe next time I swing by for a chop I'll bring in this photo as inspiration. That was the creepiest notion I've ever had. Jeff says that "judging by the look on my face, I knew deep down I looked ridiculous."

So what prompted Jeff to pare down the wardrobe to simple basics? He "probably didn't want to look nuts anymore." Now jeans, tees, and a pair of suede bucks (and still comin' fresh with the side part) are all this dude needs as he oversees Blind Barber's newest location in LA. Despite this, he's sure that 20 years from now he'll look at this photograph and laugh at himself.

Josh Boyd

Unfortunately, Josh didn't used to dress like a giant chipmunk. He fancied himself a serious body surfer, so it being 1988 meant the Quicksilver board shorts and Reef flipflops came to Disney World. Josh's favorite part of this photo is that he pre-dated the hair style people request the most at the shop by 23 years. If he's such a trendsetter, does that mean I have to go to a Hard Rock cafe this weekend?

Josh says that he's never tried hard to have good style, so he made sure to give a shout-out to his personal stylist who handles all of his clothing choices and appearances (his wife, Heather). Perhaps it was her that picked out this newsie hat from Fine and Dandy's pop-up shop in the Blind Barber space. Josh think that in the future he'll generally be safe from looking back at a photo of himself from 2011 and wanting to vomit. However, he's pretty shocked to see people now wearing the things that were standard for him as a kid - khakis, white bucks, vans - and readily admits that new trends and styles never cease to amaze him. I'm just hoping that future trends include Hard Rock cafe tees.

Stop by the Blind Barber at 399 E. 10th Street, just west of Ave B if you wanna walk out with one of the freshest domes on the block that'll still look good after partying in their bar all night.