The Best Of Milan and Paris F/W 2011 Runway Shows Pt. II

January 28, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Well, more like the best of Paris as these are all exclusively Paris Fashion Week shows. Anyhow, here are some more standout collections from F/W 2011.

Lanvin came through with a collection that was very glamorous and very much concerned with juxtaposition. Full and slim cuts worked together in a show that highlighted both Alber Ebaz and Lucas Ossendrijver's genius.

For F/W 2011 Yohji Yamamoto is continuing to write his legacy as someone who would rather make trends instead of follow them. His cutting edge style is unmatched.

Comme de Garcon played with full cut trousers and a strong Asian influence. GQ called it "Cirque de Garcon" and we believe that is a pretty accurate descriptor.

Dior Homme's F/W 2011 collection was an exercise in pared down basics with, interestingly enough, a very conservative theme.

All pictures courtesy of GQ.