Brand to Watch: Tense Watches

January 07, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Founder of Tense watches Ken P. Lau started his profession as a clock designer in 1957. He was a pioneer in experimenting with natural materials such as wood and stone for designer clocks. In 1968 Ken began focusing his efforts on designing watches. Relatively new to the watch making industry, Ken continued his efforts using mainly natural, organic materials for designs. In 1971 he set out to launch his own watch company in British Columbia Canada, and named it Tense (definition: time).


Tense designs and manufactures wooden watches locally in BC, Canada because the brand believes in maintaining its stellar craftsmanship through a sustainable process and with recycled materials. Tense only harvests cast-off wood that is deemed useless or disposable, and never extracts wood directly from living trees. The brand’s vision is one of sustainable harvesting that leaves no lasting footprint other than an aesthetic one.


Tense wooden watches are made from 100% natural recycled or reclaimed wood from Africa, America, and Canada. By reinventing wood scraps that would have been useless and disposed of, Tense produces one of the most eco-friendly and unique fashion accessories for men and women.


For AW16, don’t miss the new Teak wood watches, and new watch face designs that feature highly handcrafted details.

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