Talking S&H Athletics with Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley

March 10, 2014 BY OBI ANYANWU


Teamwork is imposed on us at such a young age. In Kindergarten, we're taught to share with our peers, and as we get older we're forced to team up in gym class and collaborate with others on class projects. We discover our preference for a partner; a pushy and overbearing partner or a lazy and disinterested one can deter us from wanting to collaborate with another in the future. Finding the perfect ally takes trial-and-error, but it makes finding someone you're totally in sync with that much more satisfying. That's why Shipley & Halmos has worked so well for so long.

Longtime friends Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos are no strangers to teamwork -having played on several sports teams in all of life's growth phases and launching two fashion lines together (their namesake brand in 2007 and Trovata while attending University of Colorado in 2002). Their latest line, S&H Athletics, is a nod to their affinity for sports and is more casual and sporty than their mainline though it is just as humorous. At first glance of the SS14 Collection, you'll see inspiration from baseball and basketball especially, but also rugby, tennis, and general workout wear. S&H Athletics launched this month so we chatted with the duo about the line and about their love for sports, naturally.


What sparked the idea for S&H Athletics and how did it come into fruition?

Sam Shipley: Jeff and I are big into sports, having grown up playing them, and are fans today (although sometimes not in agreement on who to root for). Dating back a few years, there were always throwback pieces in our collections that have sold very well. We wanted to add more, but instead of just tossing them in a Shipley & Halmos collection, we thought it would make more sense to create a whole new brand around them. There's a similar level of detail and sense of humor from Shipley & Halmos in S&H Athletics too. It's been a lot of fun so far!

How would you describe the line?

Jeff Halmos: 110% authentic sports attire for the not-so-professional athletes everywhere.

What is the inspiration behind the SS14 collection?

SS: The brand pays homage to jerseys, uniforms, and other sports clothing from the past, mainly referencing the 1970s through 1990s. Lots of the items are familiar from stuff we wore growing up. Celebrating #allsortsofsports, you can get a really clear idea about the concept by visiting our Photo Archive.



How does it relate to your mainline?

JH: It's definitely more casual and more item driven than the main collection, which tends to be cleaner and more tailored. Prices are about half as much, too.

Care to share what's coming for FW14?

SS: My personal favorite piece is a take on the classic Chicago Bears sweater from the late 1970s. We see you, Coach Ditka!

At Capsule NY, we saw that you guys had competitive basketball hoops. Who would win between you two in a game of H-O-R-S-E?

JH: Sam "Buckets" Shipley has been known to catch fire, but I feel confident in my ability to drain a few Ray Allen corner 3s (had to throw the Heat reference in there, which he won't like)!



What sports have you guys played growing up?

SS: I played baseball, lacrosse, and soccer as a kid, then switched to ski racing when my family moved to Colorado. Shortly after, I took up snowboarding during the winters and skateboarding during the summers. Jeff grew up in Florida and was into swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, lacrosse, basketball, and so on. Seriously - we definitely played "all sorts of sports"!

Nice! And last one, which are you looking forward to the most this month - March Madness or Spring Training?

JH: Without a millisecond of hesitation, MARCH MADNESS! Greatest single sporting event of the year. 3 trips in a row to the Elite 8, time for Billy D and my Gators to break through this year!


The S&H Athletics SS14 Collection is available now on their site, You can also find the collection at Capsule New York.