TALKING POINTS - Ryan Willms of h(y)r Collective

November 22, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS


Ryan Willms burst onto the blogosphere just a few months ago with his Canada-based web magazine    h(y)r collective, of which  he is creative director and publisher.  The site's design is clean and easy to read, with great product shots. Always steps ahead on the latest fashion, news, technology and music, Willms has his ears tuned to the hip, cutting edge, and unique. Whether it’s the latest issue of h(y)r collective magazine or his updated daily blog, Willms never disappoints with in depth features on the indusry's most intriguing people or hottest brands. He always manages to impress and ignite the usual “Where did he find that?” statements – check out my q+a with Willms below. (Yale Breslin)


How do you manage to stay ahead in the blogosphere? Your content is always 5 steps ahead....?
I don’t know if it’s too far ahead, I just try to focus on the products and pieces that I can connect with. I keep a pretty open mind about what I see and how I can take inspiration and learn from it. My goal was never to really try to be a ‘news breaking’ blog but offer insight and more depth than you get on other sites.

When/Why did you originally to start h(y)r Collective?
I started h(y)r collective with a couple friends and our goal was really just to make something cool, something we wanted to read, something that wasn’t really out there. The original plan actually included several other aspects of the business but as time went on I really became focused on the magazine issues every month, the layouts and of course keeping the blog freshly updated.

In your opinion - what makes h(y)r Collective stand out?
It’s hard to say why I think it stands out exactly, I think we have a lot of original, interesting content and I like to focus our features and interviews on brands and people I really like myself, and they often haven’t been showcased in the way we do it. I always want it to feel personal as well, so it’s things I actually wear or I am interested in and make sure the commentary never comes of like a blog post machine.

As far as websites and blogs go - who are your top picks?
Secret Forts, ACL, Dejour, PSFK, my friend Jake Davis and of course WATM and the Black Lodges community blogs are really refreshing and interesting. Valet and Inqmnd are also more than worth the trip.

This winter - I am in need of.....?
Wings+Horns Dayton Service Boots, Nom de Guerre Marine cardigan and a red toque.

Before the conception of h(y)r Collective, where did you see your career path going?
I wasn’t sure, I was doing some writing, some blogging, thinking marketing, working retail. I knew the things I loved; fashion, design, music and traveling – it feels like I’ve found something that might be able to incorporate them all.

What are you wearing these days.....?
Grey wool pants, chinos, Common Projects, wool vest and oxford shirts – although I haven’t found the perfect one, so I’ve been working on the solution…