December 04, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

17b.jpgBuenos Aires based Lovers and Fuckers was established by Juan Cruz Taurel almost by chance. Now recognized as a full-fledged male and female collection, Lovers and Fuckers SS09 takes its cues from the rock scene of the 1990's. With their unisex appeal rockstar chic look - hear with Cruz has to say about his line after the jump (YB).

Director & Designer: Juan Cruz Taurel
Age: 27
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What was your mission in starting Lovers and Fuckers?

Lsnfs was born very fast and almost by chance. Not being able to find designs that I digged, I chose to do my own clothes and almost before I could know, I was fully dedicated to this project. Back in the day it was tees and underwears, fully customized like stencils, patches and wacky seams, it was all gone along my friends, but stock was always a major issue, after some hard work and hard rock I was in the need of opening my first shop at the loved n’ hated Galeria Bond Street. A couple of years later I’m opening our second store at Palermo’s Soho district in Buenos Aires.

What differentiates Lovers and Fuckers from other brands out there?

To be honest I don’t look much to the sides but what I do see is lots of  indie brands dieing every day ‘cause the hardness to get a tough infrastucture and being abble to keep it  during the recurrent crisis that strike our vulnerable Argentina. Any indie designer deals with too many obstacles, like the lack of  decent suplies and the fabric’s rising prices, in order to achive the desired quality standard. Anyhow, this is the reality for indie Argentinian designers today, but getting back to the question, I would say at Lovers & Fuckers we don’t compare with other brands, we do our stuff.

How did you get involved in the fashion industry?
I think that it was to explore at this field of Art and I ended up with full commitment over the last four years. Working at Lovers & Fuckers is totally miscellaneous, my work covers a lot of tasks. I mean a lot.
One of the cool things of this line of work is constantly getting to know new people with same tastes for Art and Music, people in the scene like photographers, artists, visuals and models that add their thing in this brand.

What inspired your latest collection?

Well, our last collection as previous ones are mainly inspired on Rock n’ Roll scene, we have gone punk at early days, now we are in 90’s rock scene maybe, but always backed with a bass line and loud guitars.

How would you describe the Lovers and Fuckers male?

With the exception of some leggins Lovers & Fuckers is a male brand, is not a surprise for us to find female clients because our sizes are small enough, girls love our tees. I couldn't really describe our kind of client, our desings are aimed at any kind of guy that identifies with what we do, some rockers use our tees while performing and others wear them bouncing up and down in techno parties, but in general its all about young people living life at its fullest.