November 25, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Ioannis Dimitrousis gave me a little bit of insight into what inspired his latest collection. With AW10 currently on his mind - Dimitrousis sees his ideal male customer as one who has the impact to influence those around him and whose independent sense of self both inspires and influences others. Check out what Dimitrousis has on his mind, as well as pics from his SS09 collection, after the jump (YB). Picture5.png

Name: Ioannis Dimitrousis

Occupation: Fashion Designer/Creative Director

Location: London

What inspired SS09? Where did you seek inspiration?
The S/S 09 collection is a nostalgic one and was inspired by safari and world tribalism styles who meets reinvented ironic glamour from the 1920's and 1980's and a contemporary boxing hero.

Who is the ioannisdimitrousis male?
Ioannis is a strong personality who tends to influence the people around him. He is also a leader who has some very sensitive sides on his character, and lastly quiet as a person and sexy.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment i am promoting my S/S 09 collection and i am dealing with the orders...and at the same time i am working on the new collection A/W 09/10.

You recently presented at London Fashion Week. What was that experience like?
It was a great and bit stressful there are lots of things to organize and make sure everything is correct. other than that the feedback which came from the collection was great and therefore the experience was rather exiting.

Your collection deal with a lot of fabric manipulation. What are your thoughts on the way men dress today?

Most men are still conservative on the way they dress..and most of them they dont even have a personal style.i am not saying they should go crazy with their dressing but to develop or reinvent a bit themeselves. There are also a few men with a great sense of style who they look great and sexy.

How did your training at the London College of Fashion help with launching your namesake collection?
London College of Fashion did a little in compare my training i did for designers and for myself..LCF it wasn't there when i needed it most, and it is still offers me no help in compare to other universities who they tend to push and take out there their graduates and make them big!

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