November 16, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS


JBClassics_GetloMid_Ver2_PoundsMode.jpgDespite the unusual, midwestern location, Clint Miller's NO COAST SHOWROOM carries some of the hippest collections out there. Ranging from Trainer Spotter UK to Japan's Buzz Rickson's to Copy Collection to JB Classics (pictured), all of Miller's clients fall into two categories: contemporary or streetwear. With 12 years of fashion experience under his belt (starting out at Footlocker to specialty boutique store buyer) - Miller's showroom is making a mark on both the Kansas City map, as well as internationally. Miller gave me the rundown on how he got started in this industry and what the future holds for No Coast. (Yale Breslin)










Name: Clint Miller
Occupation: Sales Director at No Coast Showroom
Location: Kansas City,MO (we all ride cows to work)

Tell us a little bit about how you started No Coast Showroom? When the economy started it's downturn earlier this year, I was in the midst of relocating my then store. Banks were no longer willing to loan, so I closed up shop. Being that I love working in the fashion business so much, I decided to open a showroom. I reached out to some of the International and domestic connections I had made over the years and No Coast Showroom was born.

What previous work experience led to the creation of your showroom?
I have been working in the fashion industry in several capacities for about 12 years. I started at Footlocker in the 90's when Jordans were not retros and really learned how to hone the art of selling. (I still prefer to hire people who have had mass retail sales experience.) From there I took a job for a regional footwear chain and learned how to run and buy for multiple locations. I started wanting to learn the apparel business so I again jumped ship to a specialty boutique as a buyer. Two years later, I opened my own store. The rest is history.

What brands are you currently carrying? Currently I work with Sugar Cane / Buzz Rickson's, Trainer Spotter UK, Copy Collection, JB Classics, and 9 Grand Clothing. I have some other projects in the works, but the brands are not completely signed as of this exact time.

The brands that you carry fall into two different categories: Contemporary and Street. If you had to choose - what category best first your sense of style?
I am far too busy to really maintain my own style these days. I spend most of my time in denim, boots or sneakers, and a simple tee.

What brand are you currently paying attention to?
I try to spend an equal amount of time working on each brand that I represent. Trainer Spotter just closed Spring sales and I am reviewing Summer and Fall collections from all of the other brands.  As far as brands that I don't work with, I have been loving the Originals by Originals drops that Adidas has been working on. I am also a fan of Wrath Arcane, The Hundreds, Visvim, and Clark's. I think that all of those brands are doing interesting things in their own way.

Items every man should own? Classic, traditional, five pocket dungarees, a chambray shirt, good boots, at least one pair of loud sneakers, an obnoxious pair of sunglasses, and a good sharp knife.

Where do you see No Coast Showroom evolving in the future? My associates and I are in the market for a quaint little warehouse space at this time. I have had a lot of interest from my overseas friends about using Kansas City as a centralized North American distribution center. This would be my next step anyways, to get into full distribution, and it would be nice to handle it all (sales and distribution) under one roof.