April 02, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

clae-1.jpgNick Schonberger did a great interview with Clae’s designer Sung Choi last week on HighSnobiety. If you haven’t read it yet, here's an excerpt:  Clae specializes in footwear driven by classic designs and geared toward leisure. Which is pretty much a fancy way of saying, they make grown up sneakers. Distinctions like “grown-up sneakers,” however, do a disservice to the product. Often that can elicit thoughts of misguided attempts by some traditional footwear companies to enter the fashion market. Or, for the sneaker kings to test the luxury market. Clae is guilty of neither of those things. What Clae is doing is making footwear that lends itself to filling a mission - “Rooted in a lifestyle, driven by leisure, Clae’s styles are at once wholly new and instantly classic.”  See the full story here…