Capsule's Menswear List Eschews the Usual Suspects

January 06, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL


Lists! Man, do we love lists. We love end of year lists, we love best of lists. We even love lists about lists! Blame it on the Internet in general, blame it on Buzzfeed specifically. Blame it on humanity's innate competitive nature. Hell, you can blame it on Schindler - it doesn't really matter, because lists are here to stay.

Fortunately, every once in awhile there comes a list that is actually interesting and more than only click bait. Such is the case with's list of the 25 People Who Matter Most in Menswear Right Now, published today. While the very nature of a list makes debate inevitable, the editors at propose a compelling group of designers, retailers, editors and stylists who are making their mark in men's fashion as it looks right now. There are some mainstays of the genre, of course - like Hedi Slimane, Bruce Pask, Rick Owens - but it's hard to debate their influence and importance, which seems to be only expanding with each season or new move they make.

What makes this list worth reading is the equal embrace of menswear figures who indisputably run the game with those who have flown a little bit under the radar. How many "most influential" lists put the CEO of Nike alongside an LGBT-friendly pro skater, next to Raf Simons and the owner of a Williamsburg boutique that many neighborhood residents may not even know exists? And then top it off with Mr. Chow and the two nerds (and Capsule alums) of Fashion Bros?

Is this the list to finally satiate our thirst for lists? No, but it sure is a fun read.