Studio Visit: Joya Studio, Brooklyn

October 06, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Frederick Bouchardy is one of the creators of Elements -- the well-curated section at select Capsule shows which focuses on fragrance and beauty brands. Like a true entrepreneur, Elements is Frederick's side hustle. His main business is owner and creator of Joya -- the candle and home fragrance brand that's known for its unique scents, hand-poured candles, artisanal packaging, and compelling collaborations.


photo: Studio Dubuisson

From his studio and factory in Brooklyn, Frederick designs and manufactures scents, ceramics and packaging for Joya candles, diffusers and sprays. He also creates custom aromas for an array of high-end fashion brands, retailers and hotels. Think Chocolate Egg Cream scented candles for NY's iconic Katz's Deli or Marriott hotels and an exclusive fragrance for Net-a-Porter. We visited his Brooklyn studio to see where it all happens.



(c) Tell us about Joya
FB: Joya is a fragrance design studio offering innovating skin and ambient perfumes under our own label, as well as engaging emerging and traditional artists and brands for collaborative projects. Founded in 2006 and still headquartered in New York City, we source rare raw materials and employ local artisans to fuse ancient manufacturing techniques with modern ingredients and technology.


The company creates both covetable limited editions and scalable scent collections for global distribution. A creative agency and manufacturing facility in one, our new studio in Clinton Hill is where we do all we do: fragrance and packaging development and design for brand identity programs, scented candle, diffuser oil and fragrance oil for a variety of applications.

At this point, our studio is seriously dynamic, with a vertically-integrated decoration and porcelain slip-casting team, 3d printing, CNC milling and rapid prototyping capabilities, all of which combine for “quick to market” added value that is unparalleled in the industry.


(c) You said that creating and selling fragrances is all storytelling. How so?
FB: I absolutely feel this way. The ingredients are critical, but there are so many exceptional perfumers and designers at this point. What gets me going is how all the elements come together to say something succinctly—almost without saying it. Fragrance oils often have over 50 components sourced from around the world, and then the primary and secondary packaging… There is a lot going on in these items, which is poetic in itself, because they are often relatively small and deceptively complex.


This coming season, our “story” is all about the dialogue we have with other designers—new and established alike.


(c) Any news or upcoming product launches you'd like to tell us about?
FB: We are launching somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 products and collaborations throughout the rest of the year. It’s exciting, as I don’t believe anyone in fragrance has employed this strategy yet. Stay tuned. This week, we just released a range of travel diffusers. They are adorable and come with an extra set of sticks in case you want to use in a hotel or something and have a spare set for when you get home.

Photo: Joya

(c) Where can we buy your products?
FB: We were the first fragrance brand on Net-A-Porter and continue to succeed there—also, Opening Ceremony, Violet Grey and selective boutiques around the world. Our signature candles are about to launch at Club Monaco.

photo: Studio Dubuisson

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