StoreStyle: VFiles, Mercer Street

December 05, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

Danielle-Greco-of-VFiles-Shot-by-Donnell-Culver-for-StoreStyle-by-Obi-Anyanwu-for-We-Are-The-Market-1Photography by Donnell Culver

If you were to search for the perfect representation of what the fashion industry is today, you would find VFiles. The VFiles shop is a mix of high-end, luxury clothing, affordable apparel, established designers and the newest, freshest faces on the scene. What they all have in common is great design. There a very few stores where you can find Calvin Klein Collection, Vivienne Westwood and Mügler next to Hood by Air, Pyrex Vision and Dipset socks. Yet, this is fashion today. It's more than a mix of high and low, it's about getting out of the mind frame of keeping certain designers and brands separate because of their aesthetic.

The VFiles experience is very forward-thinking, almost built for one that thrives in this digital age; a fashion and entertainment platform and social media site rolled into one. As we approach NYFW in the coming months, we remember VFiles' user-generated fashion show that helped put Ammerman Schlösberg, SAM MC , Gypsy Sport and Steven Tai on the map and we look forward to seeing what's to come from what their founder Julie Anne Quay calls, "the new age of fashion."

We stopped by to talk shop and style with the VFiles Store and Merchandise Manager, Danielle Greco.

This interview was recorded on November 5th, 2013.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is very laid back. I like the “I look like I’m going to the gym” look but I never go to the gym. Lots of tees, I’m obsessed with accessories – a ton of gold jewelry, fur, and croc too.

How does your style relate to VFiles?

The thing with the store is that there is a high/low mix here, which makes up my personal style.

Was the any piece from this season that you fell in love with?

We have a designer in named First Twelve, their collection is super sporty. It’s soccer inspired and I absolutely love it. I also love our Meadham Kirchoff tiaras. A hoodie and a tiara in the club is the way to go.

Wow, you ever put those two together before?

A hoodie and a tiara? I wore it to a bar in Brooklyn once.

Scored free drinks off of that?

Oh no, but I had a great time and I'm happy about how all of the pictures came out.


Is that your thing as well – style risks?

I think that if it’s cute but also humorous then it’s amazing. I didn’t think it was a risk as much as I was just being fun but it looked cute. I’m really not about fashion risks like going out in over-the-top outfits. I think it’s played out like flower masks and flower headbands. I like looks that are more muted with an attention to detail. That says more to me.

What is your favorite brand carried here?

Even though I’m not very lavish I adore Ammerman Schlösberg, I think their stuff is amazing and super fun, plays up fantasy and is very girly. I also really like SAM MC, he’s a London designer that was in our VFiles fashion show. Really cool and different silhouettes with amazing prints. For accessories I love Meadham Kirchoff, because I’m obsessed with those tiaras.


Do you see your style breaking out of the sporty style and into prints?

No, I’m still drawn to every t-shirt I see when I go out. I never do a print! There was one time I wore my sister’s dress here and everyone was like what was she wearing…

But was there anything that made you think twice about wearing a print?

We have BLESS coats in particular the Tapestry Coat. It’s walking art, and it’s my favorite one.

Last thing, have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

Not in public, but something happened at home not too long ago. I had these black jeans and I had them for awhile. I always worn them, and I was noticing a little wear and tear here and there. So I step into them and hop to get them on and they just split in two… That was probably the worst other than getting pizza on a $200 shirt…