StoreStyle: Mirador, Macdougal Street

December 12, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


The new store on the block, Mirador, which is in the middle of Manhattan's Greenwich Village, is your dream closet in retail form. The three minds behind the business (from l. to r.) Sarah Prescott, Ade Kassim, and the owner, Aurora Lopez (who prefers to be called The Big Kahuna over stuffy sounding titles) are in the know though they prefer to tread lightly around what's hot at the moment or they completely steer clear from it. The store feels like a home - the wooden floors, exposed brick walls, the paintings and the plants give the brands housed in the store like Timo Weiland, Del Toro, ISAORA, and Rocky Mountain Featherbed a different energy, one that is far removed from lookbooks and look ready for your closet. The store vibe is very welcoming and the trio behind Mirador will make you feel right at home.

We caught up with Aurora, Sarah and Ade right after their store opening party to talk about how the store can to life, what's to come in the near future, and of course, their style.


How was the process of bringing the store together?

Ade: It was a relatively organic process, really. We just found each other through mutual friends and bonded over shared interests, philosophies and aesthetics. It’s best when things work out that way.

It took a lot of learning too, a lot of trial and error, but through that we were able to figure out what we really enjoyed, what we agreed and disagreed on, what we felt was a good vision for the store’s aesthetics and what we wanted our customers and equally ourselves to get from it. When you walk into a new space, I believe the most important thing is being able to communicate a personality through the design and presentation, but not in a way that’s intrusive and comfortable but welcoming instead. Essentially we want people to enjoy being in here as much as we do, so that was something we worked to establish.

At the moment, we have a mix of brands from all over the world - men’s, women’s, footwear, accessories and publications. Some of them include: Robert Geller, Yukuten, Left Field, Jack Henry, Post Overalls, and Reigning Champ to name a few, and publications include The White Review, Inventory Magazine, Plant, Modern Matter, Fantastic Man, The Green Soccer Journal, N+1, and The Travel Almanac.

We’ve go so much more amazing brands coming in for SS14 and onwards, very excited to share them soon.

How did you decide which styles to put in store? What's the direction of the merchandise?

Ade: That decision was very much in line with our store process. Aurora had already begun buying brands for the shop when initial plans were being thought out, and once the rest of the team came together, we were able to figure out what direction we wanted go in, what we enjoyed and what we’d like to present to our customers. We’re a very small team, and we pride ourselves on striving to carry pieces from brands with a deep focus on construction, design and functionality. Those are the key areas that allow us to make that decision.

In terms of direction, we’re meshing what we enjoy with what our customers will appreciate, which generally can and should go hand in hand.


How would you describe your personal style?

Aurora: My personal style is comfort driven and generally pretty trend agnostic. I am always inspired by people who's style I admire and I dress for my moods and for the weather. I love clothing that I can wear continuously and that will remain in style for a long time. I am very loyal to the brands I love, so whenever my favorite brands put out anything new I always pay attention.

Sarah: My personal style could be described as grungy tomboy with a twist, because even though I find men’s style to be really cool and comfortable I also like to have something feminine to balance it all out. Whether it’s a pair of heels or just an eye-catching clutch/bag it works to balance out the look.

Ade: My personal style is focused on comfort. I’ve never been a huge fan of flare or excess, I think consistency and a personal sense of style is important, it helps you express your individuality. I do get inspired a lot by people – I keep a folder of looks and such, but not necessarily to copy what these people are doing, but instead admiring and understanding the way they present themselves. I have a reputation for wearing my clothing repeatedly for days in a row, and once it wears out, I’ll buy the same piece again or something similar.


Are there any styles that you bought for the store that you couldn't wait to take home for yourself?

Ade: Oh boy, I’d say everything. We love all the brands that we carry; we buy them for that reason. So, I’d take home every brand that we have in the shop. It’s only going to get better moving forward, I’m very excited.

Aurora: I think everything in the store is a direct reflection of my personal style so I'd buy pretty much everything, but I particularly love the Ohne Titel dresses we have in the store as well as all of the Lizzy Fortunato jewelry.

Sarah: Styles that we bought for the store that I’m longing for would have to be the black shearling jacket by Veda, plaid shirt from NSF in cherry and a pair of our Sunday Somewhere sunglasses in black.

What do you have your eyes on for SS14?

Aurora: I'm excited to see how customers will respond to what we are bringing into the store for SS14. I'm looking forward to interacting with more people as time goes by.

Sarah: NSF was a brand that we bought for SS14, and there are a lot of cool things coming in at the beginning of next year including more plaid shirts and destroyed denim, which is definitely my thing.


Finally, anything you hope Santa will leave under your tree this Christmas?

Aurora: I would love for Santa to get me a guest appearance on a SNL episode.

Ade: Ha, if Santa can leave this guy these black brogues from Tricker's, a Tesla Model S, and a plane ticket to Norway, I’d be a very happy dude.

Sarah: Santa, please leave under my tree pony hair Del toros in cheetah print and the black mesh side dress by Ohne Titel. Thanks Santa!