StoreStyle: Maison Kitsuné, Broadway

October 24, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

Jessie-Brown-from-Maison-Kitsune-Photographed-by-Donnell-Culver-for-StoreStyle-by-Obi-Anyanwu-for-We-Are-The-Market-1Photography by Donnell Culver

September's sweltering heat was very sneaky this year. Up until the very last day, September teased us with more Summer sun than it did an Autumn breeze. According to the Fall fashion calendar, Autumn started sometime in early August and yet, Autumn didn't truly arrive until October. Still, we found ourselves following fashion over our Accuweather apps, and made our way to the NoMad Hotel to shop for AW13 at one of our favorite brands, Maison Kitsuné. Upon arriving, we wiped the sweat from our brows and browsed the shop for their three collections - Maison Kitsuné, Kitsuné Tee and their Parisien line - before we noticed the effortlessly chic outfit of the store's General Manager, Jesse Brown. We took a break from shopping to capture Jesse's style and find out what inspires her day-to-day look.

Interview from September 26th, 2013.

How would you describe your personal style?

Super relaxed, very casual. Quintessential California girl in jeans and a t-shirt, they’re my main staples.

Are you from California?

Yes, I’m from San Francisco.

What’s the style like in San Francisco?

Pretty much what I’ve just described. San Fran gets a bad rep for being tasteless I feel, but that’s not true. The difference between New York and San Francisco is that in New York everyone looks so put together, which is hard to come by in San Fran.

Were you intimidated when you moved here?

I tried not to be. I just started wearing high heels.

Ha! Is that the secret to confidence?!

No *laughs* but good shoes help. They really help an outfit.


How does Maison Kitsuné relate to your personal style?

Maison Kitsuné is ultimately very classic. The pieces are very timeless but a little edgy at the same time so a few key pieces from Maison Kitsuné will get you very far. The silhouettes are very classic, Parisian and very playful but they don’t go out of style, and the quality is impeccable and that’s what I’m all about. Investing in pieces that I’m going to be able to wear season after season.

Are there any pieces that are your go-to pieces every day?

Well this season it has been the Jersey Miniskirt in bordeaux and the Cocktail Dress in black. One can never have too many black mini dresses.

When did fashion become something of importance to you?

It’s always been important on some level just starting out dressing up dolls as a little girl. I designed my first dress when I was four or five, it was one-dimensional so there wasn’t a back to it.

Nice! A backless dress!

Actually, no it was a major design flaw *laughs*… I really believe in living your life in your clothes so comfort and ease is so important to me but on a different level.


Is there a style icon you reference at all?

I think the people that have been the most influential [on my style] are the people I’m closest to in my life. My mom, my grandmother, my best friend’s parents were and still are hugely influential in terms of my style. My best friend’s mom taught me how to walk in high heels and the importance of a really good red lipstick.

Wow, how did that come about?

Well, from my mom I learned to invest in high quality pieces. My style is a bit more feminine than my hers so I looked to other people in my life to learn those really important key tricks like when to wear red lipstick and high heels.

Nice. So I must ask, have you ever had wardrobe malfunction?

I know there have been some, but I can’t remember. I feel like, and I’m working on this, but I feel that I’m perpetually underdressed for most occasions. I’m realizing that it’s not appropriate to go everywhere in jeans and a t-shirt *laughs*