StoreStyle: In God We Trust


This week, StoreStyle caught up with Brooke Backman, General Manager of In God We Trust, at the Greenpoint Avenue location in Brooklyn

In God We Trust has been one of the fastest growing brands on the market. Since 2005, Shana Tabor has taken the womenswear and jewelry line and expanded by adding menswear to the mix and partnering with brands like BillyKirk and The Hillside. While Shana designs, Brooke oversees the stores and makes sure that the brand finds the right locations to raise their flag at next. We hopped from store to store and found Brooke at the Greenpoint Avenue location in Brooklyn where we discussed next season's collection, her singing talent, and her memories of her favorite Fashion's Night Out party at the store.

Let's start by being formally introduced. What's your name, and what is your position with the company?

My name is Brooke Backman, and I'm the General Manager of In God We Trust, which means I am in charge of all of the stores.

Did you both start the brand together?

Shana started the brand, she started with jewelry. Then it evolved into women’s clothing, and men’s clothing. I started with her a couple months after she opened.

How does In God We Trust play into your own style?

The brand is definitely my perfect style. Shana and I are big vintage lovers so it just works perfectly and fits perfectly, and I love everything so it works out. *Laughs*

How would you describe your style?

My style is pretty girly, I always wear dresses, and I like vintage a lot. Cute, girly, vintage looking pieces that are well made. I’m lucky to work at a place where I like everything. I love everything, my problem is not wearing it too much so I destroy it, and every season there’s something that I like forward to getting.

Does she ever make a piece specifically for you?

There is always something every season that’s for me. Shana & I are best friends, so each season there’s a Shana piece and a Brooke piece. This season was the gingham coat.

Looking forward to any pieces next season?

We’re doing a gorgeous royal blue, wool, motorcycle jacket. I’ve never worn a motorcycle jacket, the style never works with me at all, but a royal blue wool one totally does! So cute. Everything’s made here in the back so I already know what I’ll be wearing next fall.

Any hidden talents?

I'm a singer. I really like old music. I sing jazz, blues. I like Julie London a lot.

Any memorable moments at the store?

We had a party here for Fashion's Night Out, and we had free tattoos, real tattoos. The first people to get here got free tattoos. That was probably the coolest party we’ve had. There was a board of different illustrations that Shana worked with a tattoo artist on, and then we had to pick from the board, and we both got tattoos.

Photography: Donnell Culver