StoreStyle: Carhartt WIP


This week, StoreStyle snapped Carl Williams, Store Manager of Carhartt Work in Progress on Crosby Street in SoHo.

Native New Yorker, Hamilton Carhartt created his eponymous line in 1889 producing the finest workwear clothing for the blue collar American. For over 100 years, Carhartt's reputation has elevated due to their commitment to engineering top quality woven shirts and jeans. In the 90's, Carhartt wanted to reach a European clientele and sought a partnership with Work in Progress. Work in Progress designed a line exclusively for the European client in 1997, and since then Carhartt's staple pieces have been refitted and updated for today's trends and tastes. The WIP store found its way back to American soil where we had a chat with their store manager, Carl Williams, about his personal style and next season's gems.

Who are you?

Carl Williams, store manager of Carhartt.

What are you listening to lately?

Max B is one of my favorite artists, French Montana of course, but I mainly listen to 90s Hip-Hop or 90s down south music.

Favorite city to visit?

Philly. I love Philly, it reminds me of old Brooklyn.

How many seasons have you worked w/ the brand?

This will be my 2nd season. I'm 8 months in.

Does the brand fit your style?

Definitely. The quality of the product and the minimal branding to me personally is great. Keeps it simple.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as minimal, clean. I just go with what I feel.

Is there a special way you wear a certain piece every time?

Well for my sneakers, I always wear the tongue out never under the cuff, always over.

What are your favorite pieces this season?

One of my favorite pieces is the Camp Settler Jacket, and any version of the Klondike pant. I like the cut, that's my usual go-to.

What are your fav pieces next season?

Well next season they're going to have an all green knit sweater with a duck embroidery all over print. I'm down for the Christmas sweater look.


Photography: Donnell Culver