ST[insert-here]ORY: Retails Coolest Concept

March 17, 2014 BY CAPSULE

If there's a store that keeps us coming back for more, It's ST[ ]RY. The themed shop, read: ST[love]RY or ST[color]RY, changes up their entire look, feel and merch every few months. - MS, WATM


Story is a curated shop in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that changes based on theme; "Color Story, which was sponsored by Benjamin Moore, offered merchandise like colorful wireless speakers, bright cashmere socks and lipstick. Home for the Holidays, sponsored by American Express, sold a little something for every gift giver, including headphones, purses, books and bitters for mixing drinks.

The store’s events are themed as well, with Wellness Story offering yoga and Pilates classes, and New York Story hosting a mixology class."


The NY Times dove headfirst into this unique shopping experience. Read more about this ever-changing retail concept here.