January 16, 2014 BY UNMARKED

We are proud to announce the release of the first collaborative project between iconic Erik Brunetti's brand FUCT SSDD and Unmarked, These boots were made of pure vegetable tanned leather, which is more durable than regular chrome and is not toxic. The vegetable tanned leather has a 6 months tanning process, making the collagen stronger than any other chrome tanned leather, Veg leather also lets your skin breath naturally.

Vegetable tanned leather has marks of the wildlife of the animal and changes color after time, this is normal, and makes every pair unique depending on the lifestyle of the user.
The boots are handmade with a 2http://1b4 step process with a Goodyear welt construction, this makes possible to replace the outsole after it wears out. Boots like this in your hands may last even more than 2http://1b4 years with good care.