Get To Know Footwear Designer Sydney Brown

June 29, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Sydney Brown's description of her shoe line as "directional" is spot on. The artful execution of the architectural details consistently seen in her collections, strike a harmonious balance between understated and avant garde. Her years of study in Japan, absorbing the rich culture and deep roots in design, paired with an ethically conscious approach to her own creations, results in a subtle demarcation that makes you take note of her fresh approach to footwear.


(c) Tell us a bit about the SS17 collection - who do yo envision wearing, and how? what was the inspiration? anything unexpected, or that you're particularly excited about?
(SB) With every collection, I begin the development inspired by a specific nature location. For SS17, I’m using the palm oasis, Dos Palmas, in California. It is an extraordinary place in the middle of the desert that is an actual oasis. The turquoise springs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Absolutely staggering!

This collection is exciting as we are launching unisex sneakers!

I envision daring men and women taking the shoes on adventures and visiting amazing locations like this!

(c) Is your personal aesthetic similar to your designs? Why, or why not?
(SB) Yes, my personal aesthetic is very similar to my designs! Minimalism, ease and comfort are essential!


(c) What makes designing in an environmentally friendly way so important in your work?
(SB) It is critical that any kind of design is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Consumption on all fronts seems to be increasing. People are on the lookout for the latest and greatest - whether it is fashion or technology. Fast fashion is growing so incredibly fast and the ramifications are vast as their companies' footprints are so massive. It is imperative that we do everything possible to shift this global landscape. I’m working on my small part and I’m constantly learning and striving to do better!

(c) If you had to pick, are there 3 styles that are your personal favorites?
(SB)The Clog, Wedge Clog and High-Top Sneaker are favorites!