SS17 Preview: Miista

June 28, 2016 BY CAPSULE

The inherent irreverence of the Miista line, is balanced with an easy elegance that lets wearers go against the grain without falling victim to the epidemic of contrived fashion rebellion. Their shopper? "Headstrong women." Miista is known to playfully juxstapose design details that may otherwise conflict, with an expert execution to match the taste level of their customer - discernment, paired with a willingness to take the right style risks. Here, opposites definitely attract, and designers, Laura and Georgie, tell us a bit more about the thought behind their process.

(c) Tell us a bit about what to expect from your SS17 collection - what's new, and what remains consistent with the Miista vision?
We were inspired by the architecture in Asmara, Eritrea. The Art Deco buildings there are really beautiful.

(c) You've so concisely communicated the tenets that make your brand different - where did these come from, and where are they evident in your design choices?

Independent – against uniformity and imitation Irreverent – breaking the rules without causing a riot

Curious – always looking…

Our design method is 'measured madness' - so we aim for elegance without sacrificing unique style or comfort. Comfort is the best luxury, and we are great at that, I think!

(c) Where did the idea for E8 come from?
When I created Miista, we were at a slightly lower price point. As time has gone on, our customers have followed us, grown up a little, into headstrong powerful women (#theMiista's!) who have loved Miista since the beginning, and in our strive for fresh new ideas, we kinda moved up to a more Contemporary level. But we still want to make shoes that everyone can afford, which is why I decided to do E8 by Miista. E8 is our postcode, because it's the surroundings that make us Us! East London is very inspiring to me.

(c) Has there been a major moment in Miista's journey that still stands out? (Special recognition, celebrity spotting, etc.)?
i am always so happy that Susie Lau wears and loves Miista. She has the best style and her coverage of Miista from the beginning was a really helpful push in terms of confirming I was doing the right thing. i am always greatful for that. Thanks for your support Susie!!! That and the pictures that customers send us of themselves in their shoes. To me the best special recognition is from normal women, not celebrities. If normal women feel great in Miista, I am happy.

(c) Your blog is a vibrant expression of your inspiration - do you have any favorite sources, or spots to get inspired?
We love original content, and we work hard with our resident street style photographer Alice (from day 1!) to find the best street style in London that there is. London is so inspiring to us! When we are designing, we just base what we do on 'good vibes'. Everything we choose is because it has excited something in the brain. I can't explain it - it just feels right.