Meet The Winner of the SS17 Merchant Factors Scholarship: LAU

June 17, 2016 BY CAPSULE


In looking at the skillfully crafted campaigns for LAU, the architectural roots of designer Lisa Anderlini are evident in an execution of both construction and art direction. Adding a layer of clever complexity is her combination of classical training with a metaphysical point of view. Collection names, like Prometheus and Gestalt immediately give viewers a peek into her multi-layered inspiration. And, her "Bangup" project is one shot that says a thousand words.

As honored as she is to have been the emerging designer of choice in the awards from Capsule and Merchant Factors, it's a visual treat for us all to now have this talented designer on our radars. Underline will receive a free booth at Capsule New York Women's, as well as financial advice and mentorship courtesy of Merchant Factors.

(c) Is "LAU" an acronym? If so, what do the letters stand for?

(LA) LAU means "4", in the Basque language, an ancient and mysterious dialect in the North of Spain. I spent there one year and I loved that place. Also the number 4 represents the current time period of my life. Actually the idea of LAU was born during a NYC journey about five years ago!

(c) I notice incorporation of design elements into your campaign images, is this part of your professional background? If not, please tell us a bit about your professional path.
(LA) I'm an architect, and I love to work on set-design. This is one of the best and funniest moment in the entire creative process: giving a clear, minimal, pop, a bit surreal "shape" to the collection's theme.

(c) What are your favorite sources for inspiration?
(LA) I often found my inspirations in travel, which provides us different points of view about reality and ourselves: just us, our emotions and pure ideas. I also love science and the surreal and magic world of math and geometry. They both are systems built on rules created by ourselves and in which everything works beacuse that rules exist: it's a kind of paradox!

(c) How did Kandinski become the inspiration behind your "Syn" collection? Did this influence the creation of pieces, or vice versa?
(LA) Syn was reflection about Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that leads to the overlapping of two distinct sensory events: a smell that conjures up images, the association between phonemes and colors, the visual representation that mind gives to a sound. SYN is a "contamination" of senses, a free expression of the unconscious between different universes. Synesthesia was an important reflection of Kandinski's work as the Bauhaus movement an essential reference for all approach to contemporary design.

(c) Where did the concept for your "Bang Up" project come from? How would you describe to someone who'd never seen before?
(LA) Bang up is a kind of creative Gym! It's doing something for the pleasure to do it, with no commercial purpose.

(c) What three adjectives best describe your line to a newcomer?
(LA) synthesis, pop, dreamlike


(c) Are there any emotions you hope to evoke in your pieces?
(LA) Any item is designed with the three "strength, elegance and spirit" fundamentals in my mind, I think the observer stands in front of an abstract and timeless reality, in which feelings could be a mix of fascination and soft joy.

(c) What does your work process look like?
(LA) LAU is the result of a deep creative process, which turns pure ideas and meanings into garments ready to wear. There's an essential connection between garments appearance and the wearer’s mood, LAU is not just clothing, but is a little world to fall in love with.

(c) Key items in your collection?
(LA) I especially love CUBE, from my first XYZT collection. It's a cube shaped dress and I think it as an evergreen, every girl wants to be a Cube once!

(c) What do you hope to gain from Capsule in September?
(LA) I'm very happy to see a different reality, first time in a US Trade Show! I'm also very curious to know the work of other designers like me, shaping their dreams through their ideas. Hope that NYC will love LAU as I love that city, the place where everything is possible <3.