SS14 Preview: Reyn Spooner

July 12, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


America's fast-paced east coast and 'chillaxed' west coast are polar opposites. Despite their contradictory attributes they are both thoroughly American. Several newer American brands have captured the rawness and edge of the east coast, but there are still a vast selection of brands that capture the zen of the west coast.

Reyn Spooner has never strayed far from exhibiting the cool vibes of the western United States. The brand's roots go as far back as the late 1940s where Reyn McCullough opened his first haberdashery on Catalina Island in California. When Reyn teamed up with Ruth Spooner, a local seamstress, the brand was born. While Brooks Brothers and GANT fought for control of the east coast in the 60s, Reyn Spooner ran supreme in the west coast, combining New England prep with casual Hawaiian garments that resulted in clothes fit for the workplace and the weekend. You can thank them for casual Friday.

Reyn Spooner is headed to the Polynesian Islands for 2014. The crystal clear waters of Bora Bora and islands' volcanoes play up the color story of the collection. Prints from the brand's archives return, each telling a different story about the Hawaiian islands. A new print for the season is a collection of colorful sailboats cruising across Kaneohe Bay, a popular surfing spot in Oahu, Hawaii. The print is offered on a tailored shirt and swim shorts that both exhibit a vintage feel, paying homage to the brand's supremacy in the 60s. Don't call it a comeback because Reyn Spooner has always delivered the best in casual west coast gear. Though the brand has been around for decades, they always manage to reinvent themselves and stay fresh.

The complete Reyn Spooner SS14 Collection will show only at Capsule New York on July 22nd and 23rd.

Reyn-Spooner-SS14-Preview-Kaneohe-Bay-trunk-capsule-new-york-we-are-the-market Kaneohe Bay 40 hunter green