SS14 Preview: Portland General Store

July 03, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


Portland General Store apothecary is all about living well and being all natural. After the crew behind the company stumbled upon antique Czechoslovakian pharmacy bottles, vintage soaps, and perfume recipes, they began to experiment on their own materials and developed their own line of products. Portland General Store provides natural products, made simply and without shortcuts like fragrance oils and other chemicals. Now, Portland General Store is the go-to grooming shop for those in Maine and tourists alike.

Continuing with their natural production policies, Portland General Store will release their WHISKEY 100% Pure Beeswax Candle for SS14. This candle is their very first and is hand poured using 100% local Maine beeswax, essential oils, and a cotton lead-free wick. Beeswax was not a random choice for the company either. Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers, burn longer than other wax candles, and helps support the beekeeping business. Though the cost to produce is much higher than the production of most candles, it is much less harmful than Paraffin wax candles.

The highly scented Beeswax candle will be packed in a 6oz amber glass jar and muslim bag, burns for up to 55 hours, and has 15ml of pure essential oils in it. As if they weren't conscious enough, 10% of all of the profits of the sales of the Beeswax candle will go to the Maine State Beekeepers Association. Caring for our health and doing their part in society. Just take our money already!

Portland General Store's full SS14 offering will be at Capsule New York