SS14 Preview: Monsieur Lacenaire

July 12, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU



Pierre-François Lacenaire was a French poet born in Lyon in December 1803. After the completion of his education at the top of his class, he joined and defected from the French army, which led to a crime spree and several years in and out of prison. Despite his criminal activity, Lacenaire was a charismatic individual and a poignant writer. His notoriety has inspired today's "bad cop" and vigilante detectives in literature and television, and his life left an impression on great writers- Balzac and Dostoevsky who based characters in their stories on Lacenaire. Today, Lacenaire continues to inspire.

Designer, Garance Broca draws inspiration from Lacenaire for her brand, Monsieur Lacenaire. Balmain and Hermès alum, Broca thrives on freedom, much like Lacenaire, and aims to free men from the idea that they should dress a certain way to conform. Broca has an affinity for knitwear. Knitwear is at the heart of every Lacenaire collection and is a showing of Broca's expertise. Subtle details lay on high quality fabrics sourced from Japan, Peru, and Italy, reworking and redefining classic menswear. Today, Monsieur Lacenaire is available worldwide at top menswear retailers in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the US.

"SS14 collection is a geometrical vision of nature," Broca shared. "The geometrical vision come from knitwear techniques, because to do patern or motif in volume in knitwear, you must manage angles. So I took this constraint and I made it my theme for SS14." Broca tinkered with knitted pockets on short-sleeve button down shirts, knitted designs like an origami bird and a tree onto solid and two-tone sweaters, and collaborated with Gitman Vintage on a custom cherry blossom pattern on a rich burgundy cardigan. The signature varsity jacket makes a return this season as well so you better start saving up for it now. Broca added, "As usual, we used only the best material.
All fabrics come from Japan, and every knit is made with 100% Egyptian cotton." The looks from the collection below were photographed by done by Benoist Husson and Vincent Corbillé. These looks definitely inspire much like the real Lacenaire. Popsicles not included!

Check out the Monsieur Lacenaire SS14 collection at Capsule New York this month.

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