SS14 Preview: MOMOTARO Jeans

June 25, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


MOMOTARO Jeans' slogan "made by hand without compromise" says much about the brand's mission, but it says more about their heritage. MOMOTARO Jeans was founded in 2006 in the slow-paced Kojima in Okayama, Japan where handcrafting is favored over machine manufacturing. In the 1980s, Japanese denim began to surpass the formerly, coveted American denim in quality because of the care and precision involved in the production process, a process that MOMOTARO continues to stand by.

The word MOMOTARO is Japanese for 'peach boy', which present day Japanese folklore tells of a boy born from an elderly couple that regained their youth after eating a giant peach. In turn, they named their child 'Momotaro'. The story's theme is rejuvenation, which is also the brand's agenda. True premium denim is hard to come by, but MOMOTARO has produced "positively superior" jeans, without sacrifice, in order to rejuvenate one's interest in properly researching and purchasing quality denim.

MOMOTARO Jeans believes in providing the best of the best season after season. They skipped an inspiration for SS14, but continued to make the best quality Japanese denim available today. "Momotaro is not just a fashion brand", the designers shared. "The real clothing brand that you love for a long time makes your life and mind better." Their pieces elevate your quality of life in its own way, changing your mindset and thought process behind purchasing clothes.

They do have a favorite piece however, which is warped yarn denim jeans in the darkest indigo color ever created. The designers explained, "Weft yarn is a light indigo color so the surface and back side of the denim has a different indigo color." The cotton they sourced is from Zimbabwe, and has been weaved by a shuttle loom. Quality and detailing all made without compromise.

You can see the full MOMOTARO Jeans collection at Capsule Paris this weekend, New York next month, and Las Vegas in August.

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