SS14 Preview: Garderobe

June 27, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


New London based brand, GARDEROBE is primed and ready for a takeover. The brand's mission is to bridge the gap between fast fashion and luxury brands, providing a modern, trendsetting wardrobe every season without compromising quality. GARDEROBE is in good company producing clothing in UK and European mills and factories that take care of manufacturing and production for Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen. With the fashion industry's attention and London's blessing, GARDEROBE will take their brand to the next level with their first ever showing in Paris at Capsule this weekend.

GARDEROBE's SS14 Collection is about venturing into the unknown and the thrill of discovery. The collection embraces the feeling of vacationing and traveling to new cities, reveling in the beauty of the history and architecture of a new city, and feeding the need to escape from one's mundane daily activities. The brand has garnered inspiration heavily from modern European architecture that is clean in design, function-centric, and though modern, fits in seamlessly with the old world design, much like the brand itself.

The piece of their SS14 collection is a silk, box fit laser cut shirt. The front of the shirt is digitally laser cut with an original geometric pattern that is inspired by modern architecture. GARDEROBE is laying the groundwork for success, and this collection serves as a clear indication.

GARDEROBE will show at Capsule Paris for the first time this weekend.