SS14 Preview: Costalots

July 17, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


You may be familiar with sunglass brand Costalots. Matt Costa, the brain behind the brand, garners inspiration from the most minute details of particular objects and environments and creates contemporary, next level designs . Costa believes in the principle of transformation in design. His design approach for Costalots is to take a practical design and strip it down. He adored the appearance of safety glasses, so he disregarded its purpose by stripping it down for a more sleek design, and threw on tinted lenses to get the best of both worlds. Safe and stylish, you can't go wrong with that. Today, Costalots can be found in surf shops across the globe.

Costa continues to perfect the "Stupefacente" sunglass design in SS14. The glasses are available in wax and quartz and in soft colors like honey, sand, and lavender, all of which are great colors for the Spring and Summer. Costa shared the inspiration behind his mindset for designing SS14:

"Somebody was throwing away a few back issues (early ‘90’s) of “Fine Homebuilding” Magazine and I snagged them. On the back cover was this picture of a lone trailer in the desert. You can see it says: “Now it’s in the Smithsonian.” Then it says to go to page 130 It’s all at 1:12 scale and is detailed down to running electricity, astroturf out of the seats in the car, buckled linoleum around the thresholds... In retrospect, the spirit James Burgel brought to realizing his idea of building this mobile home and what it meant, is inspiration. Taking ideas to completion is exciting. It’s a tone I heard putting this last collection together and one I continue to hear."

Costa always finds the fun in designing and exploring new ideas, and it's evident in the SS14 collection.

The full Costalots SS14 collection will be at Capsule New York and Vegas.

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