SS14 Femininity with Enz-A




Enz-A is a new favorite of ours, the brand was created in 2012 and was born between Barcelona and the Galician Coast. With such a background comes a simplicity and beauty, which is largely derived from the inspiration found in the beauty of the modern women. Enz-A creates all pieces in Barcelona and uses a cohesive selection of colors, fabrics and the likes to create a corresponding story. For SS14 that story revolves around an ocean town, specifically the designers own memories of Riveira on the Galician coast. The description reads like a poem:

"A gentle breeze caresses my skin, lying on the shore, the sound of the sea introduces me into a world of special memories... A new day rises, the beach is calm and I walk on it as if it were mine. The sand is thin, the white shells sorround the sea while the tied rises and falls."

We sat down with the designer to talk about her collection, what it's like to design womenswear, and what's next for this growing brand.

We Are The Market: What prompted you to start designing?

Andrea Lorenzo: Any new designer's dream is to have their own brand, create their own worlds, design what they like and to sell is a must!

I am very stubborn and when I want something, most of the times I get it.

I wanted to create my own collection, bringing something different to the already existing areas, and offering a product where the handicraft is the base, with sacrifice, family support and constancy, I am finally getting it and I finally see my collections in the market.

Talk a bit about the inspiration behind the ss14 collection....

la foto

RIVEIRA ss14 is inspired in the Galician coast, the environment of a town, that I especially adore. Riveira has seen me growing every summer, every August, and I wanted to share the essence of this place: the sea, the shells, the breeze, the beauty of this beach overall.

Describe the collection in one or two words.

Femenine and live.

On a daily basis, what gets you up in the morning?

The thousand ideas and projects I have in mind.

What season is your favorite to design a collection for?

The two seasons I like. Winter allows me enjoying tricot (one of my passions) and summer I get crazy by creating clothes with airy fabrics.

Which brands are you loving right now?

I admire Vivienne Westwood. Always have something in their collection. The nice thing of designing is to share and make people understand you mind– to make the public understand you through clothing.

What's always in your bag?

Uuuff.... loads of things. My fuchia lipstick is a must, as well as some coins for my milk with tea in a terrace.

The most inspiring place in the world is...

A beach where there is nobody and where I can hear the ocean waves.

What's next for Enz-A?

Accessories? Why not! I love them!