Brand to Watch: Species by the Thousands

August 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Williamsburg-based lifestyle brand, Species by the Thousands, is a rare mix of style and substance. The range of products includes of-the-moment ear jackets and cuffs, along with amulets and zodiac-inspired body oils, with meanings beyond what meets the eye.

Artists Erica Bradbury and Michele Colomer began the line in an apartment in 2005, and expanded into a brick and mortar shop in 2012. Remaining immersed in the community that inspired the line, was integral in the decision to expand from jewelry to an apothecary. The shop is more than a retail operation, serving a space to connect with creatives, and experiment with product development.

Bradbury and Colomer are especially excited to launch their Mirror Affirmation Face Mist, Chakra Balancing Spray, Meditation Sprays, Psychic Dream Spray, Crystal Dream Pillow and Crystal Candles, with influence for SS17 drawing on the 70s and 80s.

The brand is inspired by outsider worlds, the mysterious unknown, folk magic and hidden knowledge.



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