Brideshead20Revisited.jpgCator Sparks speaks out against the BBC’s upcoming remake of the classic series “Brideshead Revisited.”
Trads world wide should hang their well-groomed heads low today.

I have just discovered that there is a remake of the classic Grenada Television mini series Brideshead Revisited, premiering in September. Me tweed is a twitter…


I was sipping a glass of pinot last night at Harlem’s new wine bar, Nectar with some neighbors when one sweet kid asked me if I had seen Brideshead. I chuckled and said not only have I seen Brideshead but also I have actually read the book by Evelyn Waugh and own the mini series on DVD. Well this young lad was flat out shocked, “How do you own a movie that doesn’t come out until the fall?”  My seersucker was truly twisted by this point. I must have been lost in my martini shaker since friends in the industry have said this news has been out for quite some time now. BBC Filmsis coming out with a brand new super dramatic two-hour movie of my favorite mini-series.
From the trailers on IMDB I was hoping to find something magical, sweet, lush and inspirational. What did I find? French horns replaced by electric guitars. I had no idea there were such instruments in the 1920’s.  They have also switched the balance of power from Sebastian to his mother, Lady Marchmain (played by Emma Thompson). The clip has searing golden letters flash upon the screen announcing such overly dramatic notions as:
One Woman’s Control
One Woman’s Power
Yes, Lady Marchmain was a bit of a meddler, but wouldn’t you be too if your son was a homo lush at Oxford?
What really got my goat was the scene when Lord Marchmain is holding both Julia and Sebastian in his arms and asks Charles, “ What a lot of temptation?!” It is as if he is pimping both kids out to this poor painter. It’s bad enough he isn’t as sartorially resplendent as Sebastian but he has to deal with Sebastian’s troubled Catholic parents too? Well now I wonder if Charles is the one who hits the bottle in this remake and Sebastian skips out to a paradise in Morocco with his Arab lover living happily ever after!
I just hope Anthony Blanche is as fey in this one as he was in the 1981 series when he stutters,  “If you knew anything of sexual psychology, you would know that nothing could give me keener pleasure than to be m-m-m-manhandled by you meaty boys - ecstasy of the *naughtiest* kind!”
Joseph Beattie, you have some quite large high heels to fill Mister…