son & dotter

November 07, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

One does not have to be well versed in abstract product culture and design to quickly recognize the aesthetics of Scandinavian Design. Thanks to Ikea, Volvo and Marimekko - just to name a few, the northern folk have firmly established an imprint of their design sensibility on the rest of the world. That said, however, there is still so much more to be seen, sat on, eaten off of, walked through and covered in that not only looks great, but holds the enduring quality of traditional Scandinavian goods. Enter Sabrina Bello of son & dotter, the new e-tail venture that specializes in bringing Scandinavian design stateside.

Bello moved to Sweden in 2010 to work as a Global Marketing Manager for the footwear company Tretorn and unearthed a love for all things Scandinavian. Particularly, she fell in love with the mentality of buying 'carefully and once for classic, long lasting items.' Not only did she discover impeccable craftsmanship in the pieces, but also a unique take on functional design for everyday, family-friendly usage - 'Scandinavian design holds at its core that the everyone should be able to have a nice home and that the items you bring into your home should be used and lived in,' says the store's founder.

Sabrina Bello currently splits her time between Boston and her adopted home of Malmö, Sweden where she does most of her buying, along with regular visits to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Her sourcing ranges from most recently visiting the Habitare Design Show in the world design capital for 2012, Helsinki, to approaching grass roots designers in local schools around the areas that she frequents.

Product wise, son & dotter boasts a well selected range of products from the unmistakable Scandinavian furniture pieces to the less predictable, such as a pair of leaf shaped salt and pepper bowls or a wolf print tea cozy. It's easy to see from the selection that Bello is adamant on challenging the popular idea of Scandinavian design, which she states is 'often thought of as subtle, black, white and muted.' Her store caters to those who are looking for the retained quality of these goods with a new usage of color and print, shapes and a little humor.