March 10, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

2606_53014876733_540856733_1486824_.jpgDutch Men’s magazine Fantastic Man launched their own cologne yesterday at Paris’ Bastian of super-chic, Colette. A collaboration between fragrance newcomer Byredo Parfums of Sweden and Dutch style stalwarts, Fantastic Man founders Jop Van Bennkom and Gert Jonkers. The cologne features those manly notes of Bergamont, Cardamon, Star Aniseed and Patchouli - the later of which is making a huge come back to mens fragrances after years spent as the “Crustie Cover All” scent, hints of which can usually be found wafting across the plains of Glastonbury. (Thanks TOM FORD for that). Byredo  or Fantastic Man. (black knave)