Summer Means White


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Written by Simon Crompton

Some of the most elegant items in the male wardrobe are designed for bright weather. Cream flannels, white bucks, spectator shoes: all were conceived to compliment the light of a summer’s day.

Unfortunately in England, summer days are rarely bright and sunny. Overcast, muggy days are more common, with slate-grey clouds and the occasional patter of rain. Sun is fleeting and inconsistent.

If one lived in Naples, or even New York, the weather would be predictable enough that one could have a complete summer wardrobe that emerges on the first of May. Out would come the Panama hat, the cream linen suit and the horn-rimmed sunglasses, sure of daily use.

But we won’t let the English weather get us down. The key is to grab every opportunity. If the day is bright, never miss the chance to bring out some white trousers, white shoes or white hat. Perhaps don’t wear all of them together (the Man from Del Monte adverts still linger in the social conscious) but celebrate the sun with some summery material somewhere.

Today, in London, it is sunny. And I am wearing a pair of the most gorgeous cream-gabardine trousers by Anderson & Sheppard. They would look ridiculous on any other day; but today they bring a smile to the face.


Simon Crompton is London based, freelance menswear journalist. His personal blog, Permanent Style, can be found here.