Silas Adler of Soulland is Dansk's Designer of the Year


Silas Adler of Soulland wins Designer of the Year at the Dansk Fashion Awards in Copenhagen

Silas Adler, designer of the Danish brand Soulland, was named Designer of the year at the 2012 Dansk Fashion Awards held in Copenhagen. This is an incredible accomplishment for a designer of his age (Adler was born in 1985) and is one of very few people his age who deserves the prestige that comes with such a title. Adler's commitment to traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship can be seen in the detailing of the clothes he creates. Soulland reimagines traditional menswear adding modern twists to classic pieces that set the design house a cut above so many others. Congratulations to the entire Soulland team and, most especially to our dear friend Silas.