Showroom Visit: Talking With Edged Showroom, Berlin

September 15, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

We met the ladies of Berlin's Edged Showroom last season at Capsule Paris and we were immediately drawn to the great assembly of emerging designers under their umbrella, and the professionalism of their operation.

From a small pop up shop in Berlin to a multinational agency aiding young designers, Edged Showroom is a global powerhouse on the rise. Known for their innovative events that blend fashion, art and music, Edged Showroom has a reputation for incubating a carefully selected group of emerging designers. The multifaceted agency’s mission is to pave the way for upcoming designers, photographers, stylists and other creative minded people to succeed.


Barbara I Gongini, Jacky Marbach and Christina Knoll offer their clients a wide range of services, including sales and PR services, lookbook production, fashion shows, video and content production and more.


We caught up with the Edged team as they prepare for Capsule Paris. Be sure to stop by their stand and see what’s new for SS15 from these designers:









UNEINS / Germany


LEAF / Germany


Tell us about Edged — what’s the concept behind the company? When did you launch?

We launched in the very end of 2010 and had our first showroom at Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte / Germany. At this time, the idea of pop up stores were pretty huge and new, so we combined a pop up store and a showroom. In 2011 we did a fashion festival together with another collaboration partner. We organized a showroom, a runway and a music festival, this took part at Glashaus Arena, a quite industrial club venue in Berlin and was a huge success.

Now we concentrate more on brand building through marketing, sales and PR work.

Our aim is to help and build up young emerging designers. Often they don’t know how to promote themselves, all their energy goes to the collections. We want to provide help in the fields that are important after the creative and production process, so the young designers can refine their style. The market expects a lot from a young label these days, that’s why we see the necessity for young artists to get PR that fits their needs. We are also active in brand management of established labels, where we also focus on the design on the edge, as our name states. We believe in good design that derives from challenging ideas and minds.

Where’s your office? What’s the scene like in that neighborhood?

Our office is in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin and the exhibitions are taking place in Berlin Mitte. Prenzlauer Berg is known for being the area in Berlin with the highest rate of newborns, mums, day nurseries und organic shops, but it's also a very young place with lots of bars around our office area. On the other hand Berlin Mitte is the place where the most advertising agenciess are based as well as the hippest fashion stores and young designers ateliers. Both districts are next to each other, so we get a bit of both.


Being an entrepreneur is tough— what are some things you had to learn in the start up phase?

We learned more in our start up phase about everyday business and live as in university - a lot of business is not in the tutorials or courses, it is learning by doing.

We think it’s important to encourage young entrepreneurs to go for their ideas. There is a new kind of economy around the corner and we can shape it with our ideas right now.

What or who do you think is having a major impact on fashion right now?

Gender -- a topic that has been deconstructed in fashion since the 80s - is getting reversed in more and more visions of designers. The lines are becoming a little bit blurred, women's fashion becoming heavily influenced by masculine themes and vice versa. Where, if not in fashion, can we challenge gender as a topic? That’s when political topics are woven into the fashion industry.

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