Showroom Visit: Kolor Showroom

January 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE

After decades of experience working with Asian and American fashion markets, KOLOR Showroom recognized that despite globalization, many talented designers and fashion houses went unnoticed internationally in the white noise of the fashion industry.

KOLOR Showroom was established to support unique, progressive brands rise above the chaos. KOLOR Showroom launches global collections to the American market. The showroom introduces brands to retailers, provides guidance through new markets, identifies the right outlet, expands their wholesale business, coordinates orders, and raises brand awareness.

We spoke with Jamie Gang about the showroom


(c): Tell us about your showroom — who founded it? When? What is the showroom known for?

JG: Kolor Showroom's beginnings trace back to Asian fashion e-commerce, but we have also been working in the European and American markets for the past five years. Asian culture can simultaneously be electrifyingly fast and quietly slow, and fashion is no exception to that. From our decades of experience in the fashion industry and in e-commerce, we saw a lot of talented designers miss out on the attention they deserve because they lacked the right support. Although we've worked for many years to help brands transition between international markets, we officially founded Kolor Showroom in 2015 to support designers worthy of the attention. As a showroom with global capabilities, we create better experiences for transitioning and growing brands, in real time, at any time.

(c): Where are you located? Tell us about the area.

JG: We are currently located in Englewood, New Jersey, but we also have extensive offices in Seoul, as well as in Japan, China, the U.K., and Italy.


(c): What brands are you bringing to Capsule ?

JG: This time around we're bringing three brands to Capsule. Perché is a contemporary shoe brand for bold, quirky, and fearlessly fun girls. Jinny Kim is a premium shoe brand that sponsored an infamous ANTM episode in Korea; it's the go-to brand for progressive women with an edge and an attitude, in the boardroom and in the gym. The last brand we're bringing with us this season is Pure Cashmere, a brand that specializes in the best luxury cashmere basics at an affordable price point.


(c): Please describe 1 or 2 key items from the AW16 collection.

JG: We're all about timeless yet unique pieces, and we've got plenty in the AW16 collections, such as gold-heeled loafers and loose-fit cashmere. We can't wait to show the collections at Capsule in February.


See Kolor Showroom at Capsule New York Women’s