Showroom Spotlight: eM Productions

February 01, 2018 BY CAPSULE

eM Productions is coming to Capsule with an exciting collection of carefully selected leading designers. You can expect highly cultivated lines with a strong brand identity and strength in design aesthetics from this women's multi-brand showroom. See you soon....



AISH was born out of the love of the textile crafts of India. Drawing inspiration from her love of textiles, Nupur Goenka launched AISH in 2011. Born and raised in India, Nupur’s early years were spent in community style living in a large Indian family. This encouraged inclusive play, being creative with fewer resources and a quiet sense of content, independent of individual identity. Nupur has carried these intuitive lessons all through her life, travels and business: Feeling like a local, being at ease about being different.



Beachgold is a contemporary resort brand located on the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. With a 25 year manufacturing history, their family owned and operated business has advocated the principles of fair trade while supporting local garment and textile artisans through the creation of their exclusive resort wear collections. Their designs reflect individuality and contain subtle influences of the traditions and cultures of the countries they've travel through. Chic and casual, contemporary and indulgent, their soft flowing hand printed rayon and locally spun fabrics form the basis for all of their collections.



Furo is created by Lisa Elliot-Rosas, Owner of eM Productions and Co-founder of COEUR, after 17 years of assisting brands’ growth - and launching her handbag line line in 2000. Furo is a line made up of everyday essentials in unique woven textiles. Pieces are comfortable, chic and effortless and can be worn day to night in a variety of places from Paris, NY, LA and traveling to the countryside. Furo means “flow” in Japanese.



Kopal is a collection that explores impeccable craftsmanship and finest cotton materials found in India. This line is something intimate, something personal, a journey. Crafted over a long period of time in artisanal villages instead of factories allowing them to focus on smaller individual quantities and garments to ensure the highest quality designs.



Laura Siegel Collection is pioneering a new form of luxury with thoughtful, effortless pieces for the globally conscious. Siegel collaborates with rural artisan groups from all over the world, supporting local culture by sustaining crafts that enrich entire communities. Laura Siegel is an award-winning fashion designer whose work has appeared in multiple publications including Vogue, WWD, and Coveteur. She was featured in Traceable, a documentary addressing the need for change towards sustainable fashion.


Lennon and Wolf

Made with love in Los Angeles and inspired by their children, the tiny reflections of themselves, Lennon + Wolfe was created to transcend the genre of fashion for people of all sizes! They are a collective of influence. Born of music, fashion and a lifelong inspiration of art. The depth of the brand is as strong as it is simple. Muted colors in a post apocalyptic dream make for a casual grunge couture for women, men, and kids to relax, party and play in.



Nico Nico designs comfortable and timeless styles for women and kids. Quality, value and respect for the environment are paramount to their mission. All of their clothes are proudly designed and fabricated in downtown Los Angeles. You and your little ones can play, explore and relax in Nico Nico!



THE ODELLS, the Los Angeles based clothing company created by husband and wife duo, Laura and Jason O'Dell, announce the re­opening of their updated Silver Lake boutique, THE ODELLS shop, formerly known as Bucks and Does. THE ODELLS shop is known for both their contemporary and classic clothing for men, women and children, as well as home goods, accessories, jewelry, apothecary and shoes.

You won't want to miss these brands at Capsule New York Women's - there's still time to REGISTER here!

February 24 - 26

Pier 94

711 12th Ave, 10019, NYC