Shopkeepers: Jeremy Smith & Neil Barrett, Standard & Strange, Oakland CA

May 16, 2016 BY CAPSULE


You may not know it (yet), but Oakland is home to one of the greatest men’s stores around: Standard & Strange. With brands like the Real McCoy’s, Ooe Yofukuten, Rogue Territory, Freenote, and Juniper Ridge, it’s clear that craftsmanship and quality are held to a high standard. Jeremy Smith and Neil Barrett opened the shop on one of Temescal’s quaint alleyways back in 2012, but moved recently to a new location in a historic building around the corner. “We wanted the spot we're in now since the very beginning, and we were lucky enough to be first in line when it opened up last year,” said Jeremy. Oakland’s burgeoning Temescal neighborhood is rapidly attracting attention due to the East Bay’s current real estate and tech booms—and the guys behind S&S are no strangers to technology. While the shop is their main gig and true passion, Jeremy still occasionally works in tech as a product manager, while Neil does contract work in radiation remediation. With dozens of favorite haunts in the area, Jeremy and Neil—both Oakland locals who live within five minutes of their shop—rounded up their must-visit spots for food, coffee, and more.


Standard & Strange, 5010 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, 510-373-9696

Lunchtime staples -- " Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop (4935 Shattuck Ave) for sandwiches, Cholita Linda (4923 Telegraph Ave. ) for the best fish tacos in Oakland, and Yuyu Za Zang (4871 Telegraph Ave.) for Korean/Chinese. In the afternoon we head into the alley for coffee at the Cro Cafe (Temescal Alley 49)"

Pizzaiolo (5008 Telegraph Ave) "Not only is it the best dinner spot in Oakland, it's also a great spot for coffee and breakfast in the morning. I always grab a cappuccino and an apple fritter there.”

Ruby's Garden (5026 Telegraph Ave) “I get a lot of stuff for my son here, and it's great for gift pickups for kid's birthday parties.”

Preserved (5032 Telegraph Ave) “They just moved in a few doors down from us. Elizabeth, the owner, teaches a lot of classes in making all kinds of fermented & preserved foods.”

Wine Mine (5427 Telegraph Ave) “It’s often overlooked, but it's a fantastic wine shop. And it’s right next to Mariposa, a wonderful gluten-free bakery.”

Editor’s note: I’m a shopkeeper myself! A writer by trade, I run a shop in San Francisco called Legion and continue to freelance on the side. This column is a way for me to highlight my fellow shopkeepers and their beautiful spaces. —Sydney Pfaff