Shopkeep: Ty McBride, "INTENTIONALLY ____________." Los Angeles

September 29, 2016 BY CAPSULE


"INTENTIONALLY ____________." launched over two years ago, first with a website, followed by a booming wholesale business—currently stocked in roughly 80 stores around the world—and the shoe line is continuing the momentum with a new brick-and-mortar shop. Officially open on October 1, their new Chinatown location will also house their office and warehouse, allowing shoppers to see how the line works behind the scenes.


“We’re in the heart of Chung King Road, on bustling North Hill Street,” said owner Ty McBride. “After searching for a retail space for a year, we kept coming back to the idea of Chinatown. We moved to LA from Brooklyn and in many ways still feel like outsiders, but something about Chinatown reminds us of the City, of the grit, the pace, the vibe. We are happy to call this our home.”


In addition to stocking their own shoes, they’ll be selling Milan-based shoe brand Crosswalk and launching their first apparel collection. “It’s unisex for the most part, one size, and lots of black,” he said. “Like I said, I moved here from Brooklyn—you probably won't catch me at Cafe Gratitude anytime soon, if you know what I mean!”


With many years of experience in the footwear industry working for heavy hitters like Jeffrey Campbell and Solestruck, it was only natural that Ty struck out on his own eventually. And even with the growing success of "INTENTIONALLY ____________." the opening of the store wasn’t a simple task. “I was in negotiations for a space that had literally consumed me in Silverlake,” said Ty. “I finally got approved for the space and was working on the final road blocks with the family who owns it. I kept hitting dead end after dead end with them. As I often do, I like to slide into bed with a cocktail (tequila, soda one squeeze of lemon please!) and read craigslist. I saw a strange and random posting for the space in Chinatown. The details were super odd, obscure, and vague. I called the following day, and 48 hours later had a signed lease. In a sense, you might say that 933A North Hill Street chose me—that's how I like to think of it.”

“When you come to Chinatown to see us, you have to take time to shop and check out the entire neighborhood,” he said. “Even though I lived here previously, I am still discovering new strange and beautiful places.”

"INTENTIONALLY ____________."

933A North Hill St

Here are his top neighborhood spots:

Burger Lords


943 N Broadway

Hop Louie

“Cocktails. The service is a nightmare, but the entire vibe is the perfect Chinatown dive.”

950 Mei Ling Way

Friend Mart

“If you love cute, well, this is your place.”

970 N Broadway


“It looks like it’s crumbling from the outside, but the line speaks for the food!”

1019 N Broadway

Building Block

“Get that cult bag to make you an LA ‘It’ girl, honey.”

970 N Broadway

Melody Lounge

“Looks like an opium den. Cute kids. Cold drinks.”

939 N Hill St