Shopkeep: Pauline Montupet, Le Point, San Francisco

June 06, 2016 BY CAPSULE


With nine years of wardrobe styling experience, it’s no surprise that Pauline Montupet’s new shop, Le Point, is quickly gaining a following. The shop has been open in San Francisco’s Mission district for just over a year now, stocking cult-worthy labels like Creatures of Comfort, Mr. Larkin, Toteme, and Maria Black. “I had always wanted to open a shop that would be an extension of my personal style,” said Pauline.


“I try to approach buying for Le Point as I would put together an editorial. I want everything and all the brands we carry to speak to the same story each season.” The store maintains a minimal and clean aesthetic in its airy corner space on a prime shopping strip of Valencia Street. As a resident of the vibrant and bustling neighborhood, the location felt natural to her. “I felt like we could bring a different point of view to the neighborhood. I have gotten to know some of the shop owners in the area, and I love that each one of our stores has its own perspective and feel.” -Sydney Pfaff


Le Point
301 Valencia St.

Four Barrel Coffee
Best almond milk latte and donuts from Dynamo Donut.
375 Valencia St.

Taqueria Pancho Villa
My go-to dinner to pick up on my way home from the shop.
3071 16th St.

Boba Guys
Boba Tea on another level. I go with the Classic Black Milk Tea, or the Horchata Boba if I don't want caffeine.
3491 19th St.

Little Paper Planes
The perfect place for gifts, cards, and small batch beauty products.
855 Valencia St.