Selectism: a conversation on real sustainability and small brands

June 16, 2015 BY LUKE ALLARD


Sustainability has been a central theme to the fashion industry in the past few seasons, with some brands struggling to clean up their image, and others using their unique sustainability factors for competitive advantage. Our friends and Selectism sat down with three small brands who share their thoughts on sustainability, and discuss what it is really like to approach this industry from an eco point-of-view.

Le gramme, a small jewellery brand, speaks to the importance of marketing to the design aesthetic of the brand; the sustainability factor for them is a “cherry on top,” co-founder Adrien Messié explains. Opposite of the bigger brands we see trying to engage in the sustainability game, these smaller brands actually want to make a sustainability impact, rather than just using the idea of sustainability for marketing, or “lip service” as the article taunts. Fanmail, a brand based on providing closet basics (and a Capsule exhibitor), speaks to the same idea, mentioning, “you should focus on creating a perfect T-shirt that happens to be made with sustainable materials,” rather than really rubbing it in the consumers face.


Geoffery B Small, founder of his own namesake brand in 1993, brings a different perspective to the conversation, discussing the idea of “decentralizing and localization of all facets of the creation and delivery process.” Small discusses how the industrial revolution has dragged us away from self-reliant ways, and the importance of getting back there.


Be sure to catch the full essay here, and keep and eye out for what these three unique brands have in store for the future.

Images via Selectism.