School's Out For Good with Mr. Nice

August 19, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU


What kind of student were you in high school? Were you the studious, math team and chess club nerd? Maybe you were the cheerleader prom-dating jock who was the center of attention? Or how about the side-splitting, troublemaking class clown that you loved to hate? Whatever your identity was, we can all agree that we were slightly envious of that confident rebel. The kid that would cut class all the time, was very intimidating yet he was so easy to talk to, the one that would seem to get in trouble for every little thing. We wanted to flex on our teachers the same way he would and just waltz into school whenever, but we were too much of a punk to even do it. We salute you rebel, wherever you are, (we just hope you got your act together by now) and you'll be happy to know that you've inspired Mr. Nice for SS14.

Mr. Nice's SS14 collection is much like their own brand personality, which Supply System company director, Alex Keith describes as "unapologetically cool". The Supply System started out as a duo from Brooklyn selling their friends' brands across the country out of the back of their van. After word spread, prominent brands joined with them, and in turn the duo learned more about bringing brands to market. Eventually they began developing their own brands, one of them being Mr. Nice.

"We wanted to create an ice-cold menswear brand, so we did," Keith told us. That "cool kid" energy emanates from the brand and especially from the SS14 collection that Keith jokingly says is inspired by dropouts that he knows like, "most of my dudes killing it in San Francisco, and Cam'ron."

Mr. Nice is at Capsule Vegas today and tomorrow. Click a photo below to check out the hot pieces from the collection.

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