Say Goodbye to Max Fish With This Multimedia Show


We've all heard the rumors, but now its official: LES fav, Max Fish is closing its doors the first of August. In a homage to the beloved bar, a final show appropriately entitled END OF DAYS will open tonight and stay up until the last week in July. Featuring a multitude of multimedia artists including NYC fixtures such as Ricky Powell, Dave Oritz, and Craig Wetherby, this closing show, curated by Ava Rollins and Yolande Whitcomb, should not to be missed. As Rollins explains, "we'll deck the space in our art, from floor to ceiling, neons-a-flashing".

If this whole post has started to get you down, don't fret, Max Fish may be closing its LES doors, but they're moving to Brooklyn— 130 Metropolitan Ave, to be exact.

Come show the bar some love before they head across the river.

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