Savile Row Evolves

October 18, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

That old bastion of tradition, Savile Row, is evolving, as new tailors like Spencer Hart and Richard James change the way business is done on the street. WWD reports: " Faced with constant pressure from the bottom end of the market, such as low-cost operations that claim to offer "bespoke" goods made on Savile Row but are really made to- measure suits sewn far from the street, and the top end, in the form of slick designer labels such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, Savile Row's tailors had a choice —evolve or go extinct. And while several of the street's once famous names have disappeared, those that remain have changed with the times. They're no longer content to be tailors—they want to be brands." Read the full story here.