Rules for Success: From Fashions Most Influential Menswear Designers

May 12, 2014 BY CAPSULE


Yesterday, Complex posted an article that profiled 10 young influential designers in the menswear market and asked them for their best piece of business advice and rules for success. From "Get Personal" to "Know Your Gains and Losses" the designers cover everything from why it pays to be nice to why being the biggest brand doesn't always leave you on top. We've grabbed our favorite stand-out lines below from 5 of the 10 designers; head over to the article, grab your pen and paper and take note of these trued and tried success tips.

Ovadia & Sons: "The more clarity you have in your work, the better the results."

Shipley & Halmos: "In fashion, it's not all that hard to get some samples made. The challenge comes when you get a bunch of orders."

Jeff Staple of Staple: "It doesn't matter how hot your brand might be. The math doesn't lie."

Robert Geller: "There has been this idea of nice guys finishing last, but I think that's crap."

Patrick Ervell: "Finding a way to balance the fascination for the new or modern or unexpected with something a bit more intimate and relatable can be very powerful."