Road to Capsule: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

August 05, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Steve Dool catches up with designer Micah Cohen as he prepares for Capsule Las Vegas. Read on about his SS16 collection, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, the evolution of athleisure and #thatnewnow.

What can we expect that's new for SS16? Both the men’s and women’s collections are, I think, more sophisticated or “grown-up”. I’m moving away from the more obvious streetwear inspired stuff and focusing on more elevated, polished looks. Details are clean and minimal. Volume is a focal point of the collection. Pleated pants, pleated joggers and culottes (for both men and women) all emphasize “looseness” without screaming “oversized”. Styling is focused on layered monochromatic ensembles. And men’s jumpsuits are apparently now an actual thing, not just something I’m sampling for myself.

Is there a piece or a look that you're most excited about? For men’s, it’s the kimono and short sleeve military jacket (both well received by buyers already) and for women’s it’s the Utility Jumpsuit – a hybrid jumper/overall style. But I’m also excited to wear my men’s short sleeve jumpsuit around. It’s part painter’s coverall, part 90’s overall vibe feels right.

You were an early adopter of the so-called "athleisure" trend, getting on board before it's become the full-fledged phenomenon it is today. Do you see this as just a trend, or a real shift in how men dress?
Thanks for saying that, I'm glad someone noticed! It’s just a trend though, like everything else. And like most trends, it started as a response to a previous trend. There will definitely be a response to the dressed down look of “athleisure”. Leaders have already long moved on, trying different things that are very much antithetical to “athelsiure” and then when those things catch on, it'll be a new trend. Circle of life bro.

See Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen at Capsule Las Vegas, August 17-19.