Road to Capsule: Jennie Arnau, Peregrine Showroom

February 09, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Jennie Arnau, owner of the NY based Peregrine Showroom is on the road to Capsule Las Vegas. We caught up with her as she prepares to head out west.


Visit Jennie and Peregrine Showroom at Capsule Las Vegas.

(c) When did you launch Peregrine?
I launched Peregrine Showroom in July 2008

(c) What were you doing before that?
I've always worked in "the biz". I've worked in retail for Helmut Lang, Giorgio Amani and Miu Miu ...... also did a bit of wholesaling along the way...... worked a few runway show's..... and there's always been country music on the side just for shits and giggles.....

(c) What is Peregrine Showroom’s specialty?
Global Contemporary Menswear


(c) What brands are you bringing to Vegas ?
Natural Selection (England), LA PAZ (Portugal), Handsom (Australia), Il Bussetto (Italy)

(c) What is the common thread among the brands you represent?
All my designers make amazing collections- great quality, modern design and beautiful fabrics but more than that, they are all good peeps. Really can't ask for more!!!

(c) Do you have any exciting news to report about your showroom or any of your brands?
I am launching women's!!!! Based off my menswear collections!!! The Handsom Women's Collection will be in Vegas!!!