Richer Poorer Take Socks To The Next Level and Yes, There Is A Next Level Of Socks

August 12, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Accessories upstarts Richer Poorer have been making quite a name for themselves with their smart, insanely durable socks and undies. We chatted with the brand's founder Iva Pawling about how they stay so good at doing what they do, 90s Benneton and the people she admires. It was fun. Check it out below!


A basic question, why socks?

Socks and underwear have been ignored items in people's wardrobes for way too long. We wanted to give them some attention, personality and life. We loved the idea of building a brand around making ordinary things extraordinary.

From a nerdy/technical side, what are the key elements of the perfect sock?

Perfect socks are soft to the touch (the hand - that’s the technical term :) Rippers/quitters are the worst, so they have to be some sort of spandex / elastin blend. They also have to be the perfect weight, not too thick, not too thin. Richer Poorer is the Goldilocks of socks.


Who are your heroes? Business-wise or otherwise.

Hero is a tough term! Even the most amazing humans have their faults, so I try to always keep that in mind. But business-wise I have a lot of respect for Sheryl Sandberg.

Finding the career / motherhood / family balance is beyond challenging and I’ve found her advise to be sound. In the fashion world, I admire Paul Smith and the level of involvement he still has in even the small details of his monstrous brand.


Any advances in sock making technology you can share with us?

With the rise of the fitness lifestyle market, technical features in socks are getting a lot of attention. Features that historically have only been in technical old guys' socks are now being used in our market. We’re certainly dipping our production and design toe into the world of compression, venting panels, and high performance yarns. Fun things coming soon.


What brands inspired you growing up?

I was your typical 90s girl growing up in Canada. My world revolved around Esprit, Guess, and Benetton.

Finish this sentence: All You Need Is….

LOVE. The Beatles had it right. Love for what you do, for who you spend your time with, for where you give your energy.

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