Retailer Q&A: Krystle Kemp + Gabe Ricioppo of Need Supply Co

September 20, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

This post was originally published 9/10/13 and has been since edited and republished with a focus on the upcoming SS14 retail season.



We are long time fans of Need Supply Co's aesthetic, their products in menswear and womenswear are parallel to our own tastes here at BPMW and Capsule, so we thought, why not sit down the directors for both and get a little piece of their minds. Gabe and Krystle are, besides married, fantastic business partners, and they are running the e-commerce and brick and mortar world like no other. The brands they chose are stellar and we couldn't be more excited to hear what they have to say about upcoming trends, their favorite brands and their thoughts on SS14. Read our interview and then check out our top ten must have items from Need Supply.


What do you expect to be a major trend or must- have item/classification for SS14

Krystle Kemp: I haven't seen much yet so it's hard to say...maybe: Desert Boots for Girls. Dresses again- we've been dressing like men for way too long. Could be its time to be a girl again? Natural Fabrics and organic dyes/ color. Cream and white

Gabe Ricioppo: Watches, having something smart around your wrist is still a good thing.

Which collections are you most looking forward to seeing and why?

KK: 6397- The in-house line from The News. Clothes exactly how they should be. Perfect. Excited to bring this line in!

WoodWood & Won Hundred - my personal favorites. These brands seem to have strong seasons every season. Hoping Spring will be the same.

10 Corso- loving the Morocco-inspired collection for Spring.

GR: We just got a bit of our fall delivery from Han Kjobenhavn, go watch their videos, the new Gitman Vintage is always strong and I'm waiting for a jacquard blazer from Soulland to deliver. McNairy's last season for Woolrich is in the store now too.


Do you sell anything in your store besides fashion? What’s hot now?

KK: We are currently growing and developing our home and lifestyle product selections. It's really fun, and reminds us that we are not just clothing-obsessed-one dimensional-fashion- mongers, but whole, interesting people who love food, and popular culture, and board games and nice coffee mugs.

GR: We have magazines, stuff, things, honey, all kinds of non-fashion. I've always thought people do things in the clothes we sell, so we should think about what else we can carry they might need or enjoy. What’s in store for your store?

KK: So much, I wouldn't know where to start to tell you about it all...

GR: We just redid the creative studio. We're excited about our next journal coming out in a few weeks and we have some amazing events lined up in the store.

Do you have any news, or major plans you’d like to share with us?

KK: Always planning!

GR: We're getting stamps made for all of the employees in the store. It adds a nice personal touch.