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March 13, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

caliroots og With spring just around the corner we thought we'd just touch base with some of the top store owners and buyers around the globe about the state of the business. Below, the first in a series of chats with key retailers, we talk to Andreas Koschnike of Caliroots-- the Swedish chain that specializes in California style.

How’s business? Is it still slow or do you detect some signs of life ? It’s been a long and cold winter, and the spring hasn’t really started yet, but a soon as the snow melted from the pavement we started to see a boost. What’s selling now? Canvas shoes, Japanese denim, plaid shirts and some RedWings.

What are you looking forward to for spring deliveries? We are very excited to do some new brands as, For the C-Store: Our Legacy, Rocky Mountain Featherbeds, plus some Japanese bag brands as Head Porter and Säg. For the Sneaker store: NewBalance "Flimby pack" is Original and Handmade in UK. Nike Air Max are big for us. Converse is still running the canvas game. Adidas is doing a nice job on suede classics. For the Cali store: Vans, Vans, Vans. + Stussy and TheHundreds. Edwin denims.

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What did you like from the fall trade shows? That Fall collections are balancing from classic and preppy casual towards the mountaineering workwear style. Lots of nice knitwear and original handmade leather boots or Trickers to that. Camo is coming back.

Do you use any social media (Facebook. Twitter etc) and how has it impacted your business?

We do a FB and a Twitter account for daily updates, plus using our blogs for deeper insights on our updates. The Facebook page customers and suppliers are interacting with us. That’s a fast way for feedback.

What do you think is motivating the consumer to buy these days? Seasonal changes. the need of garments more then jumping on new trends.

What music are you playing in your store right now? We play quite different music as we got 3 concept stores, our sneaker store SFD plays a lot of Hip Hop, our C-Store plays more oldskool house disco and our Streetwear store Cali OG plays a mix of rock and hip hop. Really depends who´s the store manager for the day..

What’s exciting you right now ? The shirt works from Norse. The Adidas X Kazuki sneakers.

Any store news, or upcoming events you’d like to tell the world about? Next week, Thursday we are doing the official spring collection release party for Adidas ObyO collections at our C-Store in Stockholm. And late May we are again doing the annual "Sneaker and Streetwear Swap Meet"-- a day of buy/sell/trade vintage items.

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